After-Christmas Parody

Originally published Jan. 12, 1984 in The Perkins Journal

By Zola Sample

T’was the day after Christmas and all thru the house noise was echoing from every kind of electrical device.

John was trying out his electric train. The track was all lain with exception care, making everyone step high and beware.

The drone of father’s electric shaver had already been heard twice, mother’s new blender seemed awfully nice, while Nancy’s electric typewriter was quite a surprise.

Toys were scattered, father hoped mother would appear in her new robe and slippers to clear the debris so after dinner he could watch TV.

The Christmas tree stood all trimmed with tinsel, all the beautiful packages had suddenly took flight. The tree’s drooping spirit was saddened with plight knowing it would be doomed for a trash pile sight. It hoped for a quick bonfire to get riddance.

There was much to consider which present got lost or how sombody’s godmother could make such a choice. Tom was delighted when he discovered his walking horse and I was flabbergasted about receiving mouthwash. The children were hilarious from excitement and glee — school was out for a week.

Tinsel and ribbon, wrapping paper and floss from cellar to loft. The carpet was all cluttered with feathery stuff. The logs in the fireplace had burned themselves out. Yesterday’s featival had reached its high peak, about all that was left was to feast and partake of leftover turkey and dressing.

The faint echo of Santa’s happy Ho-Ho Merry Christmas to all was getting dim to recall.

Mamma was in her robe and I in my loafter had just settled down among Christmas commotion when up drives the relatives, probably expecting another feast. That is the way with folk. I’d never heard such commotion, screams and hilarious maneuvers … A way to the kitchen I flew like a flash know full well to enlarge the menu.

I tore open the ice bex, began to defrost for the sun in the heavens was descending. The wind blew a blast like off the north pole, then the visitors streamed in thru the wide open door,, unloading upon us like a huge avalanche … I felt like I would swoon, instead I just sighed and searched for a spoon.’

Lo, to my wondering eye did appear .. Aunt Mary with pies, pumpkin, apple and mince, and something that looked like a kig of punch. I knew in a minute my surmises had missed.

I felt kind of sneakish but held my repose for what would Christmas Holiday be without all your folk! I shouted their names, hugged each in turn for my gestures with cooperating ones.

The table was spread, what a feast we enjoyed. I had nothing to dread … I thanked Good Saint Nick for the spirit of Christmas, for the babe that was born long ago in the manger … Our Savior and King.’

After all the commotion I slipped off to bed and dreamed of a land where everyone was happy. It was such a good dream I wanted it to last. When I woke I thought I heard someone call Dash away, Dash away all.

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